our wedding: my vows

William David Middlebrook, today, on our wedding day, I promise to honor you, cherish you, and hold you in my heart
. For now and for always, I will accept you for all that you are, encouraging your individuality and embracing you in all your complexity. I promise to listen to you, to seek your opinions and trust your judgments
, and to honor your desires as I would my own. I will savor our time together and, to the best of my ability, choose patience over nagging, gratitude over complaining, and forgiveness over bitterness each day. I vow to be open and honest with you, to always seek to learn more about you, to be your best friend. I promise to smile at you, to encourage you, to surprise you, and to seek new ways to bless you. In every way that I can, I will lift you up. I will be generous in my laughter, effusive in my affection, and unyielding in my fidelity. No matter what comes our way- in times of delight, in the fullness of dreams, in moments of sorrow, conflict, or loss- I promise to stand by you as we together seek to honor God with this life. Today, in the presence of the Lord and of our family and friends, I vow to do all this and more, to be your wife and only yours.