point & smile


It’s great, right? I don’t know if this counts as a random act of kindness, necessarily… but in my book, it definitely counts for something. Kudos to the people in this video for making others smile (myself included).


her morning elegance


Quite possibly the coolest music video ever. Love the song, love the title, love the stop motion wonderfulness. Watch and enjoy.

bending, not breaking


These last few weeks, life has been an in-and-out, up-and-down cycle of work, and sleep, and then work again. I’ve been going, pushing, bending, moving,. Enough so that, once again, I’ve been absent. I hope, beyond all hopes, that the posts will be more regular soon. In my in-between-Wordpress times, though, here are some lovely links for you to enjoy.

here’s a laugh for my fellow IBers

interesting article on anthromorphism

so excited for this show

the wisdom of winnie

i blogged about this, way back when!

such an expressive word

a gorgeous depiction of the brain

woah. just woah.

this silliness made me smile

also, the photo was found here.

one step closer

This song has been running through my head the last couple of days… honestly, I think it’s just gorgeous. I would love to use it in the wedding somehow, but it’s not quite fitting and Will, especially, is having a hard time getting past it’s origins. So, I’ve settled with sharing it here on this little blog.


p.s. this may or may not be the second time I’ve posted a video from GLEE. In case you’re wondering, I must confess that I am a fan.

i need a little magic


Do you ever have those days where you just need a little magic? When it seems like things are moving in slow motion, or the light isn’t quite reaching your eyes, or that you’re a half a beat off from the rest of the world? Well, that was last week. Here’s to hoping that I find a little wonder and joy and magic in the next couple of days.

these almost always makes me laugh

nature’s idea of color

a sweet, & a little sad, answer to a child’s question

the city that never sleeps

i want an excuse to try these out

we all underestimate kids

a historical take on disney princesses

and…this is awesome

that kind of girl


I was introduced to this song way back when in high school, and it has held a special place in my heart since then. It’s just so beautiful, in a thousand different ways.

Close your eyes, lay back, and listen.

guilty pleasures

boxed dark chocolates

grey’s anatomy

ridiculously expensive greeting cards

playing zoo tycoon 2

disney princess coloring books

eating frosting on a spoon

harry potter memes

singing taylor swift songs with a fake southern accent

and this:

i think i wanna marry you

Here’s a smile from me to you.

meet-cute, disney style


Isn’t it sweet?

This is what I do while my family watches the Superbowl.

joining the family

Have you seen Parenthood? To me, this scene sums up family pretty much perfectly.

Talk about tears rolling down my face.

Edit: see this blogger’s perspective on Biblical adoption