apartment love: quilting

Over the last four months, bit by bit, our little apartment has become more and more like a home. Decorating is a slow process, and a long one, but I am still loving every moment of it. It is so satisfying, I’m discovering, to find just the right thing for a space, whether it be a piece of furniture or a lampshade or a framed arrowhead that your husband found way back when. And throughout that process, I am still gleaning bits of inspiration from all over the place (read: Anthropologie’s website). Remember when I shared my love for book pages as decor, in an effort to identify what is distinctively us? Well, here’s another piece of apartment love:


I struggled, actually, to think of the right word to use when describing this bit of inspiration: quilting? stitching? patchwork? anything that places colored pieces of fabric and/or thread together in a cohesive manner? I’m not sure… but I know that something about it simply appeals to me. It’s homey and bright and just lovely.






Bohemian, rustic, and cozy.

I love it.

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apartment love: book pages

Who would have known that “marriage” is code for “now-it’s-time-to-unpack-all-your-things-and-buy-a-mattress-and-a-couch-and-a-thousand-little-tables-and-don’t-forget-about-decorating-too“? Goodness gracious. Well, it is. And now, my foray into life as a Mrs. has been accompanied by a rediscovery of homemaking and organization and decorating… and I must tell you all that, although it comes with its fair share of nervousness, it mostly just makes me smile.

I have always been someone who thrives from creating a “home”. As a child, I’d make little nests in closets, in corners, on top of shelves. I loved decorating my bedroom as a high schooler, my dorm room as a college student, and now… now, I am so excited to begin creating a space that represents Will & I, a home of warmth and inspiration and beauty. And my favorite tip thus far? Embrace the quirky things that make you happy and adopt them as “signature” items (thanks to these lovely folks).

Thus, a new series: apartment love.

Here, I share those things that catch our eye and make us smile. And let’s be honest…by “us”, I mostly mean “me”. But still us, too. First, an old favorite:

book & newspaper pages.





Lovely, right? It just makes me want to read and decorate all at once.


for the love of teal

fe92a9ef3fda4e17d3a417a1c571043b36cd74f1afc5b288f2b72816c9bdd2f3Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I love how bright and alive these spaces feel. There’s something about the blending of wood and the color teal that is oh-so-lovely. Do you love it as much as I do?


You can find the photos, with their original links, on my Pinterest page.