the joy of toddlerdom

Let me preface this by saying that I do not have kids…

…But, I do work with two-year-olds.

Fourteen two-year-olds, to be exact. Little balls of energy who are constantly running into each other, getting stuck on things, taking toys from their friends, pulling off their shoes (and then crying when they can’t get them back on), throwing food on the floor, having tantrums, biting everything (and everyone) in sight, and just generally being little tornados of craziness.

And thus, I feel qualified to laugh when I read these websites. Because I understand. And I thought it might make a few of you nod your heads as well.


Reasons Why My Son Is Crying

Reasons Why Kids Are the Actually The Worst

The Honest Toddler

46 Reasons My Three Year Old Might Be Freaking Out

It helps to have a little humor, right? It’s one of my favorite coping mechanisms, when I am trying to potty train, clean up after lunch, and keep them all from hurting each other at the same time.

p.s. Has anybody heard of this stuff? I’d love to see it in practice, but of course I can’t use it in a daycare. Pros? Cons?

p.s.s. Of course, I love children. I think that there is plenty to be said, too, about why kids act the way they do, and how to address said situations in a healthy manner. If you’re interested, here is an insightful article on why toddlers are so prone to tantrums. It helps (me, at least) to try to understand what exactly their little minds are going through.


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