my new favorite crustacean

Ever since I heard of these guys, I’ve been fascinated by the idea of trying an authentic lobster roll… there’s something about the toasted kaiser roll, crunchy and warm, paired with sweet and cool lobster, that just sounds right to me. It’s beautiful, gourmet, and exotic enough that I instantly added it to my bucket list. And now that I’ve relocated to Texas, I finally got a chance to pick one up! Apparently, people ship fresh lobster out here on a regular basis. Lucky me.

Our first week here, Will & I found a food truck that served these little lovelies and jumped at the chance to try them. They were delicious. Actually, we loved them enough that we tried them twice (just being honest).


Texas adventure # 1: complete. Bucket list item #49: done.

I love checking things off my lists.

p.s. a fun guide on what makes the best lobster roll.


One response to “my new favorite crustacean

  1. Congrats on ticking something off your list! I’ve never had a real lobster roll but I made a fake one a few years ago using surimi. I’m sure that blasphemy to lobster roll fanatics but we don’t get lobster here so what’s a girl to do?

    These look great and I love the checked liners. Very kitsch.

    p.s. this would make a great addition to Our Growing Edge this month.

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