If you could…

… have any talent, what would it be?

By talent, I mean natural inclination or innate aptitude. Not a superpower (aka, being invisible or flying) or a skill (aka surfing or playing the violin). Personally, I wish I could pick up languages easily. I’ve taken six years of Spanish and it might as well have been one. I can’t even order food at Mexican restaurants. I lived in Thailand for five months and by the end of it, only had the vocabulary of a two year old Thai child. Now, of course, it’s all gone. The only Thai words I remember are “tourist”, “please”, “no”, and “taxi”. No matter how hard I try, whether it’s in the classroom or in full immersion, the words just don’t come. I’d love to be one of you people who just pick up new languages like it’s a walk in the park. You know who you are.

Speaking of Thailand, I would say it’s about time to share some pictures.

23826_1346739583541_8282184_n 19469_1347445321184_7620799_n 23612_1348448746269_7913500_n 27246_1405477531953_4133004_n23612_1348450346309_1966592_n 25637_1366754923912_2626144_n 25637_1366842486101_2662764_n 24806_1366937408474_4136911_n23612_1348465226681_4953931_n 28167_1412240381020_1738051_n 23612_1348426905723_3707069_n28167_1412245861157_1137207_nAs you may be able to tell, it was quite the trip.

Back to the subject, though. What about you? What would you choose if you could rewrite your genetic predispositions?


One response to “If you could…

  1. I’m right with you on the language thing. We lived in Puerto Rico for almost 3 years and my Spanish was still pretty poor by the time we left. And we had a tutor every week the whole time! I would love to be one of those people who learns languages easily. Perhaps in Heaven? Who knows? 🙂

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