how do you measure a year?


In Instagrams, apparently. Beginning February 13th, 2012, every day (for the last 365 days), I have taken an Instagram photo. I began the project because I wanted to live intentionally. I wanted to be grateful for what each day held, whether it was a rainy-and-sick-eat-nothing-but-green-popsicles sort of day or it was a bright-and-happy-the-flowers-are-blooming sort of day. I chose to believe that there was something in every day that was worth taking a photo of.

So, I did it.

And here are a few of my favorites:

IMG_2493IMG_3880IMG_3558IMG_1338IMG_3040IMG_2961IMG_3324IMG_2557IMG_1976IMG_1669IMG_4461IMG_3638IMG_1566534917_10200330879809609_2062260959_nIMG_1530 IMG_1249IMG_1471IMG_1289IMG_1146 IMG_0361IMG_1091 IMG_0691 IMG_0762IMG_4459IMG_0555IMG_4272 IMG_4149 IMG_4058 IMG_0648IMG_4037 IMG_3942 IMG_3818 IMG_3768IMG_3442 IMG_3383 IMG_2920 IMG_0943 IMG_0868IMG_0360 IMG_3300

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that this completes my bucket list item: “21) Take a photo a day, every day, for a year”. Yay!


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