the bucket list

There are so many beautiful, magical, great experiences to be had in this world. I want to live my everyday intentionally, squeezing the goodness out of every moment, in the big picture and the small. I don’t want to turn around 10 years from now and realize that my life is a blur of waking up and going to sleep, trudging to and from work. Instead, I want to look back and see color and adventure, as I chase after those things that are, well, simply delightful. Here are those things:

1)      SCUBA dive at the Great Barrier Reef

Flynn Reef

2)      Learn how to sign fluently

3)      Ride in a hot air balloon (photo here)

Hot Air Balloons

4)      Live debt-free!

5)      Take a photography class

6)      Get married  –> June 01st, 2013

7)      Help build a Habitat for Humanity home (photo here)

Habitat for Humanity

8)      Donate blood –> October 10th, 2012

9)      Work at a bakery, cupcakery, or restaurant (photo here)


10)    Visit the Amazonian Rainforest (photo here)

Yasuni Park

11)    Ride a camel (photo here)

Camel Caravan

12)    Host a pop-up dinner party, progressive dinner party, backyard movie night, a “Test your Tastebuds” dinner party, & a “Dinner in the Dark” party

Popup Dinner Party

13)    See the Aurora Borealis


14)    Commit to “Random Acts of Kindness” on my birthday at least once

15)    Buy a stranger a meal at a restaurant

16)    Read and annotate the entire Bible

17)    Harvest honey from a beehive (photo here)

beehive harvest

18)    Travel to the Grecian islands (photo here)


19)    Allow myself to go grey naturally

20)    Go tide pooling (photo here)

Tide Pooling

21)    Take a photo a day, every day, for a year –> February 13th, 2012- February 12th, 2013

22)    Cage dive with sharks or crocodiles/ alligators (photo here)

Cage Diving

23)    Attend a Cirque du Soleil show


24)     Go on a food tour in a major city  –->June 12th, 2013

25)    Visit Italy (photo here)

Venice Alley

26)     Anonymously grant a wish on someone’s online wishlist –> October 26th, 2013

27)    Donate $1,000, $5,000, & $10,000 to a charity

28)    Become a parent (photo here)

The Daybook

29)    Touch an iceberg (photo here)


30)    Buy something extravagant, simply because I want it

31)    Go complaint-free for 30 days

32)    See “The Lion King” on Broadway

The Lion King

33)    Stay one night in an overwater bungalow (photo here)

Overwater Bungalow

34)    Fund a small business using microloans

35)     Go out to eat and order every dessert on the menu –-> May 30th, 2013

36)    Tour Pixar studios (photo here)

Pixar Logo

37)    Attend a lecture or reading by J.K. Rowling (photo here)

J.K. Rowling

38)    Go salt-free for a week–> February 24th, 2013- March 3rd, 2013

39)    Take part in a sky lantern festival (photo here)

sky lantern festival

40)    Take a one-on-one vacation with each of my children at least once

41)    Have an aquarium

42)    Live on an island for at least one month

43)    See Jimmy Buffett in concert

Jimmy Buffett

44)    Be a stay-at-home Mom

45)    Visit New York in December and eat roasted chestnuts


46)    Give a handwritten thank-you note to someone who gave me exceptional customer service

47)    Go on a walk through a lavender field

Lavender Field

48)    Try needle acupuncture (photo here)

Needle Acupuncture

49)    Eat a fresh Maine lobster roll –> June 22nd, 2013

the 2-800x700

50)    Attend a(n indie) film festival

51)    Dine at a Three Star Michelin restaurant (photo here)



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