relationship tidbits: silliness

Series time! I know that I’m not an expert on love… but there are certain things that have risen to the surface in Will’s and my relationship over the years that I believe are good and necessary and worth sharing. Thus, relationship tidbits. Little things that are, in my opinion, actually quite significant.

“Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

For today, I want to talk about silliness. I am not a carefree person. I’m serious, contemplative, quiet. There are maybe three people in this world who have actually seen me in a moment where I’ve totally let down my inhibitions. But somewhere along with making me fall in love with him, Will managed to draw me out of my thoughts long enough to make me giggle. And I haven’t stopped since then. I mean, we tickle each other, roll around on the floor, make funny sounds. We repeat ridiculous jokes that are four years old. We get into pillow fights. We skip or snort or whatever it is that comes out of us in that second, all without worrying about how we look. We’re silly. For us, it’s is a way to connect heart-to-heart without having to work for it. It’s honesty and laughter rolled up together. It’s good stuff.

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